Belpre City Schools
2014 Rockland Avenue
Belpre, OH 45714
Phone: 740-423-9511
Fax: 740-423-3050

A. message from Superintendent Tony Dunn

I am honored to be the Superintendent of the Belpre City Schools and a member of such a fine community, and am working hard to ensure that our every student receives a world-class educational experience. It is our goal that Belpre graduates be college and career ready and be able to compete for any job they desire.  We set high expectations for our students both academically and civically.  We will align our Math and English Language Arts instruction to the Common Core Academic Standards as adopted by the vast majority of states throughout our country, and the Ohio Revised State Standards in the other curricular areas.  As a system of schools, we will concentrate all our efforts to assure that our primary goal is met.

Throughout the school year, we will be working to improve our instructional skills to offer the best possible classroom experiences for our students. Our involvement in the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative, a network of schools throughout Appalachian Ohio, will enhance our interactions with other educators and help us better prepare our 21st century learners to compete in a global job market. This is our third year of involvement with the Race to the Top grant which has brought us much needed funds to enhance the learning environment for our students.  This and other grant opportunities will help us be fiscally responsible while increasing our knowledge base and instructional skills.

We are dedicated to creating a safe and focused school environment for all of our students. We will work closely with the Belpre Police and Belpre City Council to ensure that our campuses are safe, orderly, well-maintained, and drug-free. We believe that a strong school system is the backbone of a strong community, and we will strive to create an excellent place for students to learn and the community to gather. Our students and our community deserve nothing but the best.

Our school system is dedicated to providing a strong educational program that engages students and welcomes community members. We will need your help, and we appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. We will work hard this year to improve our communication with our families, local businesses, and other community members with the hope that we can form a collaborative relationship that enhances the opportunities for our students. We expect that your child’s school experience will be a happy and productive one.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and input.

Tony Dunn

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