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Lang Arts Enrichment

Calamity #1

Type 3: 30 lines

Topic: Consider the theme “Be careful what you wish for.” Explain that theme and how it applies to two of the stories we studied this year.


  1. all capitals and punctuation correct

  2. all sentences correct (no fragments or run-ons)

  3. multiple specific examples are provided to support your points


Calamity #2

Type 3: 30 lines

Topic: Think of an athlete who has made a significant contribution to the world of sports (someone who blazed a new trail or inspired many). Discuss who this athlete is, what contribution s/he made, and what impact it has had on sports since then.


1. All capitals and punctuation correct

2. response separated into paragraphs

3. All parts of the topic answered



Calamity #3

Type 3: 5 paragraphs

Topic: Which is better--keeping kids perfectly safe or letting them do things that are slightly dangerous but might teach them or make them stronger? Convince your reader of your position, giving three reasons and explanations for each. 


Focus Areas:

1. all capitalization and punctuation correct

2. paper separated into paragraphs  (intro, reason #1, reason #2, reason #3, conclusion)


3. each reason has support 


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