Belpre City Schools
2014 Rockland Avenue
Belpre, OH 45714
Phone: 740-423-9511
Fax: 740-423-3050

Belpre City Schools Administration
Superintendent, Student Services, and Transportation
Mr. Tony Dunn 

Graduate of Boone County High School, Florence, KY
Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Northern Kentucky University
Masters of Education degree in School Counseling from Xavier University
Post-graduate work in Administration from Xavier University

Mr. Dunn began his career as a teacher, coach, and athletic director for the Kenton County School District in Northern Kentucky. He spent seven years as a school counselor with the Madeira City Schools before becoming an administrator with the Milford Exempted Village Schools where he served as a Jr. High Assistant Principal, Middle School Principal, and Elementary Principal. His most recent assignment, before coming to Belpre, was as Superintendent of the Georgetown Exempted Village Schools.

Main Responsibilities:
As Superintendent of the Belpre City Schools, Mr. Dunn oversees the entire operation of the school district with regards to instructional programs and operations of the district. He also serves as the Director of Transportation.

Secretary to the Superintendent
Mrs. Pam Hammond

Mrs. Hammond began working for Belpre City Schools in 2001 as a substitute cook, aide, and building secretary. In March 2004 she was hired as secretary for Belpre Elementary School and later became secretary for the 7th & 8th grade building.  She is currently secretary to the Superintendent and District Special Education Office.

Main Responsibilities:
Mrs. Hammond communicates with parents and community members, offering assistance when needed. She is responsible to the Superintendent of Schools and Special Education Office/School Psychologist, issues Work Permits, maintains Home School Applications as well as other duties related to Certified and Classified Applications and Certification procedures.

Contact Info:
Pam Hammond
(740) 423 9511 ext 301


The Belpre City School District, as a leader in providing innovative education opportunities, has as its Mission a commitment to excel in preparing responsible, self-sufficient students with the knowledge and confidence to meet the challenges of a changing world through the creative application of resources and technology.



  Belpre City School District is one of two “city” school districts in Washington County, Ohio, which also consists of four “local” school districts.  Belpre covers a geographical area of 36 square miles and is bordered by the Warren Local School district on its north and western boundaries and the Ohio River on its eastern and southern shores.  While the district has experienced a decline in enrollment over the past fifteen years, it seems to be leveling off at approximately 1200 students.

  Belpre City Schools operates two main campuses with Belpre Elementary School (K-6) located in the "Rockland" section of the community while Belpre High School (7-12) is situated on some twelve acres in the downtown section.  The Washington County Career Center located in Marietta, serves Belpre students interested in vocational training.  The school district’s central offices are housed in a former grade school building on 2014 Rockland Ave.


The Belpre City School District hereby announces our willingness to move programs and activities to an accessible location or to otherwise take steps to ensure that individuals with mobility impairments have equal access to our programs and activities.

Please contact Belpre City Schools, Pam Hammond, at 740-423-9511 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to request access to District programs and activities or to ask any questions related to access by people with mobility impairments.

Belpre City School District
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