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We at Belpre City Schools believe that the impact our schools have on our students and our community is much more than can be demonstrated with a District or School Report Card. The Ohio General Assembly and the Ohio Department of Education have tried for over a decade to produce a report card on each school system and each school that is supposed to accurately reflect its “performance.” Those of us who actually work with students on a daily basis know that such a document produced by people who are not educators has little chance of accurately telling the story of an educational institution.

The real challenge of accurately describing a school or school system lies in the nature of our “product.” Schools educate people, and people are a reflection of our society, which is in a constant state of flux. Creating a Report Card template that accurately reflects a school or school system completely ignores the nuances that make each building or district unique. The current report card also ignores one of the major issues that affects the educational life of a child: poverty. It also assumes that every district has a similar make-up of students and circumstances. School district and the communities they serve are as unique as the students they serve.

Assessments to judge human growth and development are inherently inaccurate because we are assessing living, breathing, and thinking, beings that make thousands of independent choices every day. There are simply too many variables to allow a single assessment or report card empirically say that a school or school system is successful in educating its students. Indeed, education is a business steeped in delayed gratification. Many of our successes and our failures don’t show up for decades as our students mature and become fully functioning members of a society.

With that in mind, we created the documents contained on this website to offer a snapshot of our students and our schools to describe them as accurately as we can. We see this not as a static site, but rather a fluid one which will be updated as frequently as is relevant and as often as we can. Here, you will see that we are many things; we are mathematicians, we are scientists, we are musicians, we are visual artists, we are botanists, we are athletes, we are entrepreneurs, we are citizens, we are innovators, we are volunteers, and we are many more things every day. You will also see that we are challenged in many ways. We are unfortunate enough to be saddled with a school funding mechanism that has been declared unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court four (4) times, yet we continue to provide more services every day for our students and community members because we try to give every student and family what they need every day. We do our best to maintain aging buildings where our students come every day to learn how to navigate an ever-changing world. We will make these buildings work until we can successfully find funding to build a new PreK-12 school that will house all our academic programs.

What we hope you see in these documents is that we are a group of professional educators, students, and dedicated community members striving to make our community and, indeed, our world a better place. We trust that our efforts are what are needed to succeed in that endeavor. Welcome to Belpre City Schools.

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