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Belpre City Schools Employment Opportunities

Positions Currently Posted (need Acrobat Reader)

 Announcement of Vacancies
Position:  Cook
*Cooks and Head Cooks may be utilized in other buildings under special circumstances as required.
Description:  As per job description (available upon request)
Salary Range:  Per O.A.P.S.E./Board Negotiated Agreement
Shift Times:  4.5 hours   Approximate times are 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location:  Belpre Elementary School
Qualifications:  As per job description  Qualifications and experience will be considered.  Must be able to lift 50+ pounds.  Must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.  All cooks/head cooks must be willing to be cross-trained.
Posting Dates:  October 8, 2019 through October 21, 2019 

Position:  Head Cook
Description:  As per job description (available upon request)
Salary Range:  Per O.A.P.S.E./Board Negotiated Agreement  
Shift Times:  6.5 hours  Approximate times are 7:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Location:  Belplre Elementary  
Qualifications:  As per job description  Qualifications and experience will be considered.  Must be able to lift 50+ pounds.  Must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.  All cooks/head cooks must be willing to be cross-trained.  
Posting Dates:  October 8, 2019 through October 21, 2019   

Position:  Paraprofessional
Duties:  All general duties per job description.  Work with multiple students including students with disabilities which may include autism, diabetes, visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, and any other cognitive, behavioral, or physical impairment, and other duties as assigned by the building principal.
Salary Range:  Per negotiated agreement
Shift Times:  Seven (7) hrs per day.  Approximate times 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Specific times will be assigned by building administrator)
Location:  Belpre Elementary School
Qualifications:  Possess a current Ohio Educational Aide permit.  Be able to fulfill all General Duties and Responsibilities as listed on the Job Description (adopted by the BOE 10/20/08).  In addition:  one must hold a High School Diploma from an accredited school, possess the ability to follow verbal and written instructions, possess the ability to assist students with academics as directed by teaching staff, successfully provide academic/behavior supports within school environment, maintain confidentiality, and have knowdedge of general office equipment.
Posting Dates:  Oct. 17, 2019- Oct. 30, 2019.
Position:  Custodian (9 month employee)  2 hours per day
Duties:  Per custodian job description, work schedule and other duties as assigned by the principal and the foreman
Salary Range:  Per OAPSE/Board Negotiated Agreement
Shift Times:  Approximately 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Location:  Stone Administration Building
Qualifications:  Fundamental knowledge of institutional cleaning
Posting Dates:  Oct. 17, 2019 - Oct. 30, 2019 

Interested candidates and qualified applicants should contact Mr. Jeffrey Greenley, Superintendent, Belpre City Schools, 2014 Rockland Ave., Belpre, OH, 45714, in writing.  Applicants should also provide:  a completed Belpre City School application for employment, current resume with references, copy of Ohio license, copy of credentials and transcripts, and a copy of current BCI and FBI background checks.  

Procedures for classified positions: 
1)  Download and complete a Classified Application from the bottom of this page OR pick up an application from the district office located at 2014 Rockland Ave., Belpre, OH.  
2)  Submit completed applications to the district office.
3)  After being selected for an  interview,  a background check will be required. Cost for a background check to and for the applicant is $60.00 cash.
4)  After a successful interview and background check,  the applicant's name will be submitted to the board of education for approval.

Substitute Pay Increase Beginning the 2016-2017 School Year
Substitute Teacher       $ 90.00 per day
Substitute Secretary    $ 10.00 per hour
Substitute Paraprofessional (Educational Aide)   $9.00 per hour
Substitute Cook           $ 9.00 per hour
Substitute Custodian    $ 10.00 per hour
Substitute Bus Driver    $ 11.50 per hour 

Belpre City Schools is
"An equal provider of services and an equal opportunity employer" 

Belpre City Schools and State Requirements for Coaching - Paid or Volunteer   

1)  Fundamentals of Coaching (click on link below)
2)  Concussion  Course (click on link below)
3)  First Aid for Coaches (click on link below)
4)  CPR - Hands on course only (check with AD for a class)
5)  FBI & BCII checks (made by appt. only at the Central Office ($60 cash only)
6)  Classified Application or Volunteer Form (download from BCS website) 
7)  Submit a letter of interest to the AD 
8)  Complete and submit an application online for a Pupil Activity Permit with ODE
BCS Substitute Teacher Information
Prior to entering the classroom as a substitute teacher, please take this training classs.  Click on the link below to begin the course.
(Opens in a new windows for a Google Presentation) 
 All license applications (new or renewal) must be completed online with ODE.  You will be guided through ODE to create a SAFE account and then the online application.  No paper applications will be accepted.
 ODE no longer sends a paper license/permit to educators or school districts. You may download, save and print it from the MyCredentials section of My Educator Profile. All license/permits expire on June 30th of the expiration year. Remember it is your responsibility to keep your license up to date by renewing if necessary. You must submit a copy of your license/permit for the current year to the district for your personnel file.  
Applications and Forms