Literacy Resources
Here is a List of Literacy APPs that can be purchased through I-Tunes:

ABC-Magnetic Alphabet            $1.99  A game that teaches children the alphabet and numbers.

Caillous' World for I-Pad            $2.99  Join Caillous and friends and family as you explore his world and learn about letters, words, spelling and phonics.

Eleanor's Secret HD                    $4.99  Give your 3-10 year old a taste fore reading.  Dive into the story of Eleanor's Secret with the animated film,

                                                        karaoke-style reading and sounds from the original soundtrack.

Pooh's Birthday Surprise            $4.99  Disney Learning interactive storybook designed to help children acquire and reinforce early literacy and math.

Sentence Builder                         $3.99  Designed to help elementary aged children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences.

Story Builder                                $3.99  Designed to help children improve paragraph formation, improve integration of ideas, and improve higher

                                                        level abstractions by inference.

Word Wagon                                $1.99  Preschool-1st Grade.  Hop aboard Word Wagon to learn about letters, phonics, and spelling.
Literacy Websites:
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