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Belpre Elementary
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Principal's Office

Principal, Mrs. Joy Edgell

Joy Edgell, principal

Principal’s Message:

Hello! Welcome to Belpre Elementary School.

Our goal at Belpre Elementary is to work with you to ensure that your child grows to their greatest potential.  We want to build a foundation for them of social, emotional, and academic skills, that will help them be successful through graduation and their entire future.

Our focus is on strong literacy skills and math foundational skills.  Our teachers are trained to engage students within the classroom, so they are using multi-intelligences when learning.  We utilize movement, technology, manipulatives, and cooperative learning every day. Our classrooms strongly follow the Ohio state standards for the skills we want your child to master, but we realize that a 21st Century worker will also need soft skills such as organization, preparedness, and teamwork.

Our staff has educators who are highly trained academically, and intensively trained in creating a trauma sensitive environment for students with various needs.  We strive to maintain classrooms that are welcoming to students and where students feel as though they can have fun, make mistakes, and learn every day. We want our students to WANT to be in school every morning.

Our doors are open for communication and our office is here to serve you and your family. Welcome to the Belpre family and let us know how we can help your child(ren) find their niche in this ever-changing world.

Mrs. Joy K. Edgell

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Braun

Braun headshot
Main Responsibilities:  Mrs. Braun 's main responsibilities include  building administrator for individualized educational planning, building coordinator for state testing, teacher evaluation, student bus safety, absence intervention planning, building social media and web presence, and to assist the principal with the daily operations of the school .
Contact Information:  bc_ebraun@belpre.k12.oh.us

Secretary, Mrs. Joan Smith

Secretary, Mrs. Joan Smith

Mrs. Smith began working in Belpre more than sixteen years ago.  She has worked as an aide, office aide and currently as a school secretary.  She has been a school secretary for the past ten years.

 Main Responsibilities:
Mrs. Smith greets all who enter the offices at Belpre Elementary.  She assists students, parents, visitors and staff with the daily routines and procedures.  She assists callers with various information pertaining to the school.  Mrs. Smith is in charge of collecting student fees, substitute teachers and other staff substitutes, preparing staff and student handbooks and maintaining school and parent communications as well as secretarial duties to the principal.

Attendance Secretary, Mrs. Wendi Hamas Williams

Mrs. Williams
Mrs. Williams has worked as an office assistant, secretary and homemaker and was previously a substitute secretary and substitute aide for Belpre City Schools. 
Main Responsibilities:
Mrs. Williams is responsible for the reporting of all student data using the Infinite Campus system. She assists families with new enrollment and withdrawal of students. She works directly with the Principal and Asst. Principal to monitor student attendance records. She also assists teachers and other staff members with issues concerning the daily routines of the school.