Principal's Office

Graduate of Warren High School
Bachelor of Science degree in Education Early Childhood Education from OhioUniversity
Master of Arts in Educational Administration from University of Scranton


Mrs. Edgell  began her career in Belpre City Schools as a student teacher and then long term substitute teacher.  In her professional experience she has served as the Head Teacher  assuming many principal duties such as student discipline, parent contact, and building security. She served on the Building Leadership Team to create school improvement plans at Cutler Elementary and Barlow-Vincent Elementary.  She also trained on a school-wide discipline program to effectively implement a decrease in unwanted student behaviors and recognize positive student behaviors.  She currently serves as Principal of Belpre Elementary School.    

 Main Responsibilities:
Mrs. Edgell oversees the daily operations of the school which includes the coordination of services to students at Belpre Elementary School.

Assistant Principal
Education:  She has a Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education from Ohio State University, a Master of Music from the University of Wisconsin, and a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Michigan.
History:  Mrs. Braun is an accomplished educator and administrator with 10 years of public school teaching and 16 years of experience in higher education.  She taught both band and orchestra in public schools in Virginia, Wisconsin, and Michigan and taught at James Madison University and Ohio University.  In addition, Mrs. Braun has been Assistant Dean for Academic Budget Plannin for the Colled of Fine Arts and Director of the Athens Community Music School at Ohio University.
Main Responsibilities:  Mrs. Braun will assist with the daily operations of the school and assist students where and when needed.
Contact Information:


Mrs. Smith began working in Belpre sixteen years ago  .  She has worked as an aide, office aide and currently as a school secretary.  She has been a school secretary for the past ten years.

Main Responsibilities:

Mrs. Smith greets all who enter the offices at Belpre Elementary.  She assists students, parents, visitors and staff with the daily routines and procedures.  She assists callers with various information pertaining to the school.  Mrs. Smith is in charge of collecting student fees, substitute teachers and other staff substitutes, preparing staff and student handbooks and maintaining school and parent communications as well as secretarial duties to the principal.
Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Williams has worked as an office assistant, secretary and homemaker. For the past 3 years she has been a  substitute secretary and substitute aide for Belpre City Schools. 
Main Responsibilities:
Mrs. Williams is responsible for the reporting of all student data using the ESIS data system. She assists families with new enrollment and withdrawal of students. She works directly with the Principal and Asst. Principal to monitor student attendance records. She also assists teachers and other staff members with issues concerning the daily routines of the school. We welcome Mrs. Williams to the Belpre Elementary staff.
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