Calamity Day Make-up Description
The State of Ohio allows five days to be considered a calamity in which there is no need by the school district to make up the time lost. Once the five days are exceeded, there are three more days that are available to be called a calamity in which the students and staff do NOT come to school BUT need to complete assignments that are available online or through a prescribed approved method.
After calamity day eight, the school district has no choice but to extend the school year. This page has been written for the use of calamity days six, seven and eight.
Click on the link to the right for your current calamity day assignment.You have two weeks to turn in the work assigned to you through this work room. 
Snow/Calamity Day Assignments
Please complete the worksheet about weathering and erosion
Read and complete the activity about Hieroglyphics.
Review the Rock Cycle
Complete the mapping activity
complete the soil review page
Preview what's to come; look at the timeline about Ancient India and complete the activity
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