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Belpre City Schools is an organization that is dedicated to making the lives of our students and our community better every day.  We believe that a strong community is built upon a strong public school system, and we are dedicated to providing quality experiences for our students that not only enrich their lives, but create a better community for us all to enjoy.  Our world is ever-changing and we strive to guide our students to not only be prepared to contribute as adults in our society, but to be contributors while they are still in school and create new ways for our community to thrive economically and culturally. We realize that growing up today is a very different experience than it was just a short time ago, and we are committed to helping our students find their places in a world where challenges come from every direction.

Some of the programming that continues to grow at Belpre High School is the chance for our students to take college courses on our campus taught by our teachers.  The College Credit Plus program allows teachers who are qualified and certified by our partner Institutes of Higher Education, Stark State College and Zane State College, to teach college level courses to our qualifying high school students who receive college and high school credit for the same courses.  Through grants and other creative funding sources, Belpre High School has teachers certified to teach college courses in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Applications.  This is a great opportunity for many of our students and their families with regards to college costs and readiness.  Many of our kids have taken advantage of this opportunities and do exceedingly well in these classes, showing them and everyone else that they can thrive in a college classroom.

We are constantly looking for ways to involve our community in our schools.  There are chances to mentor Belpre students at both our Elementary and High Schools.  If you are a local business person and would like to explore the possibility of a Belpre High School Internship with one of our older students, please contact the high school and ask for Jennifer Miller, our School Counselor, who would love to explore that possibility with you.  If you would like to mentor an elementary student or volunteer at our elementary school, please contact Joy Edgell, our Principal, and she will gladly explore that possibility with you.  Approximately a dozen local adults have been trained as mentors through our Student Readiness Initiative partnership with the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center and other high schools and colleges in our area.  These are just a few of the ways you can help us prepare the next generation of leaders in our world.

We invite you to visit our schools and see the good things that are happening there every day.  If you don’t have children in the schools but would like to see some of the great things happening, come to one of our community events.  We have sports competitions, music concerts, open houses, Literature and Math nights, PTO meetings, and lots of other opportunities to see our kids and families doing good things.  If you are a social media participant, check out our Facebook pages for Belpre Elementary, Belpre High School, and Belpre City Schools.  You can also visit our websites and stay current on what is happening at our schools.

Belpre students and alumni are doing great things in our community and communities throughout our world.  We expect that our families and visitors have an excellent experience at our schools and we welcome your input about how we can improve.  It is an honor to be a part of such a fine educational organization and such a fine community.  Together, we are ensuring a bright future for us all.


Tony Dunn, Superintendent



For additional information or questions, please call 740 423-9511 or email Pam Hammond, secretary to the superintendent.