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We, at Belpre City Schools, believe that a strong public school system is the sign of and the backbone for a strong community.  Preparing students to enter the workforce and become community leaders is a daunting challenge, but one we accept eagerly.  Our ever-changing world provides new challenges daily as we guide students to be healthy, literate, informed, and contributing members of our society.  It is often a struggle to compete with the entertainment factor of the media while getting students ready to compete in a workforce that has gone from local to global in a mere generation.  With all challenges come opportunities, and it is our mission to equip our students to capitalize on all the opportunities presented to them by reducing the number and severity of those challenges.

It is our goal to have every student find success academically, socially, and emotionally not only while they are in school, but throughout their lifetime.  Belpre High School continues to grow with regards to college-level courses that are available to our high school students without ever leaving our campus.  College Credit Plus courses are available in English/Language Arts, Math, Technology, and now Science.  Our partnership with Zane State College lets us offer these courses without direct cost to the student or family, and many of our students are taking advantage of this programming.  Taking College Credit Plus courses in high school gives our students a college experience before ever leaving high school which can be a huge financial boost to the families of those who will continue their college careers after high school.  Our affiliation with the Washington County Career Center also continues to grow and provide opportunities for students to acquire hands-on experiences in regionally relevant careers while earning those much sought after industry credentials that will allow them to enter the workforce ready to handle jobs that require complex skills.

Helping our students become responsible, contributing citizens is one of the most important things we do as a school system.  We work daily with students to teach them how to use technology safely and ethically.  As the number of devices in our schools increase, we realize more every day that our students are very connected to the world through the internet.  We take very seriously our responsibility to not only teach them how to use the devices, but also to teach them how to avoid the dangers that exist on the web.  We also know that the growing substance abuse problems in our society affect our students in huge ways.  We will continue to use all the resources available to teach healthy habits and how to avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure and substance use.

The Board of Education is looking to the future as we plan for the possibility of a new school building. Our current buildings were not designed to function in the technology-rich environment of modern day education, and we must replace them if we are to give our students what they need to succeed in today‚Äôs workforce.  The Board of Education is dedicated to engaging the community in the discussions that will lead us to that new building as we work with the entities in Columbus to assist us with the financial piece to that puzzle.  We value your input as we move into a new era in Belpre.

We expect that our students, families, and guest have an excellent experience at our schools.  We welcome any input that can help us improve that experience and make Belpre an even better place.  We hope you will take an active role in helping us create a very bright future.  


Tony Dunn
For additional information or questions, please call 740 423-9511 or email Pam Hammond, secretary to the superintendent. 
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