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Posted 1/7/2016 at 12:50:45 PM by Matt Morris [staff member]
As it has been some time since I have posted something, I thought it would appropriate to post something since my last update. There have been many changes to our technology since my last post. Most notably is the move to utilizing virtual desktops district wide for our students. The conversion of this has cut down immensely for the amount of help desk tickets that we process. Most of our issues now revolve around staff computers or student account issues.

We are also in the process of streamlining our account creation process for students and staff will be completed later on this year to ensure that no data or other issues will crop up during the changes. This change allows us to assign one password to a user for the ease of them remembering a password. Also, it accelerates the account creation process immensely.

We hope to post items here on a regular basis to ensure everyone know what we are doing here at Belpre City Schools.
Belpre Elementary & Board Office internet outage
Posted 8/12/2014 at 8:34:43 PM by Matt Morris [staff member]
The internet at Belpre Elementary and the Board office are currently experiencing an issue with internet connectivity. SEOVEC has been notified and a ticket has been logged with them. SEOVEC is working with AT&T to correct the issue. Any further updates that we may have will be posted here.
Welcome to the tech blog!
Posted 8/9/2014 at 10:23:07 PM by Matt Morris [staff member]
Welcome to the tech blog! Starting this school year I will be posting information about technology here at Belpre City Schools. This information may contain items that remind you about what to do in case your computer is messed up, or you are having issues with items. 

We will also use this space to notify you of any upcoming maintenance or other issues that impact our district or how our staff and students access certain technology services in the district. 

I hope that this is an insightful and useful point for all staff, students, and parents to get news on technology here at Belpre City Schools.