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Ivan Brown
Ivan Brown
Bus Driver

To: Parents of Belpre Bus #8 students

Fr: Tony Dunn, Superintendent

Re: Alternate Bus Routing and Timing -Contingency Plan

Dear Parents:

We have a serious bus driver shortage at this time and sometimes find it impossible to have enough bus drivers to complete our regular routes in a normal manner. Because of this shortage, we have developed a contingency plan that we hope will get everyone to and from school safely and in a timeframe that disrupts the school day and your family schedule as little as possible. We know that we will occasionally have to use this contingency plan and Monday, April 18th may just be that first time we have to try it out. Below is our contingency plan should we not be able to secure enough bus drivers to run all our routes as scheduled.

For the morning route: Bus #8 students who are picked up at laurel Estates apartments will be picked up by Bus #16 at their normal bus stop approximately 20-30 minutes later than usual. All other Bus #8 students will be picked up at their normal stops by Bus #9 approximately 20-30 minutes later than usual. Students and Parents should be watching closely for those busses because we are somewhat unsure about the exact timing of the pickups. Be prepared at the normal time, but be aware that it will most likely be 20-30 minutes later than your regular pickup time.

For the afternoon route: Bus #8 students will be delivered home by Bus #9. Students should arrive

home approximately 20-30 minutes later than their normal drop-off time. For this afternoon route, school staff will direct elementary students onto a bus that will transport them to the high school where there will be supervision for them to wait until Bus #9 arrives at the high school to deliver them home. Students will be supervised the entire time they are waiting for Bus #9.

It is our sincere hope that we never have to use this contingency plan, but we will likely have to put it into action at least for Monday, April 18th We will use the One Call Now mass calling system to alert you that the contingency plan is in effect. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transport your children in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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