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The Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award is named in honor of Dr. Franklin B. Walter, former superintendent of Ohio’s public instruction, who devoted over 50 years of service developing quality educational initiatives and programs, including the nation’s first statewide plan for children with disabilities. Jen Wells was nominated for this very special award and recognized for her nomination at a ceremony attended by fellow educators, family, and friends.  Round of applause for Ms. Wells!

  "Special Educator of the Year"
Pioneer Civitan Club awarded Eileen Cieslewski with this most deserved award. The Pioneer Civitan is an all-volunteer service working in community clubs to help those with physical, neurological, and mental health challenges. Civitan clubs serve the local community, with emphasis on helping the developmentally disabled, youth leadership development and good citizenship. Congratulations Mrs. Cieslewski!
An Arbor Day Celebration was held at Belpre Elementary this past Thursday, April 30th.
It was an educational experience Thursday when 6 elementary students helped plant a tree in observance of Arbor Day. The students were joined by Mayor Mike Lorentz, Joyce Lorentz, Leslie Pittenger, Loran Conley, and Superintendent Tony Dunn.  The students were educated on the planting process, the importance of trees to the environment, and how trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen that helps us breathe.  A tulip poplar was planted in front of the school and will provide beauty as well as serve as a replacement for any tree that needs taken down in our area due to disease. 

Belpre Area Safetytown runs May 27th - June 5, 2015.
The application deadline is May 15th. Applications can be obtained during the Kindergarten Screening/Enrollment process at Belpre Elementary School and the Stone Administration Bldg./Early Learning Center. Students must be five years old by August 1st. For further information please call Belpre Elementary School at 740-423-3010. Belpre Safetytown offers a comprehensive program of safety training for area children. The goal is to provide children with a safety conscience which can prevent injury. Children learn from professional teachers and well-trained instructors who volunteer their time for the program.

Reminder to Parents of 6th Grade Students

As per the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Revised Code, one booster dose of TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis) or ADacel vaccine is required for all students PRIOR to entry into the 7th grade.  This dose is intended to be administered as a booster dose for students who have completed the required doses of the initial series of DTaP/DT/Td vaccine.  This booster dose would have been given within the past 1-3 years.  Immunizations are available at the Belpre City Health Department or from your own family physician.  As per the Ohio Revised Code, students who have not met immunization requirements  are subject to exclusion from school.  Therefore, you MUST provide the school with documentation of your child having received this TDaP booster vaccine BEFORE THEY CAN START 7TH GRADE.  

Our NEW door is open!
Our front glass doors will now be locked during school hours, beginning TUESDAY, September 30th.  Please enter at the NEW gray front door and follow the procedures listed below.  We love your children and want to provide as much safety for them as possible.  Please review the following procedures:
*Student Pickups - If you are picking your child up from school during school hours, please sign the clipboard in the window, ask for your child through window (think like a doctor's office).We will be with you quickly and bring your child to you.
*Visiting a Classroom - Volunteers, parties, special events:
 Visitors must have prior communication with teacher to go to a classroom.  Please come to the window and someone from the office will open the door.  We will ask you to sign in and wear a visitors badge.
*Late or Tardy Students - The front glass doors will be locked after the tardy bell rings at 8:05.  If your child is tardy or arriving late, they must enter through the new gray door.  Office staff will buzz them in and take care of them.
 We are here to help you!

This artwork is incredible!

This beautiful fence painted by the elementary students can be seen in front of the school.  Check out the detail. 
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