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Hey Belpre, Our Pride is Showing!
Pioneer Ladies Civitan Club Selected Ms. Jen Wells

Congratulations Jen Wells for being selected as the Washington County Special Education Teacher of the Year by the Pioneer Ladies Civitan Club! BHS is beyond lucky to have you on our staff and appreciative of all you do for our kids and school! Well done!

Science Olympiad 2018
Students presented at the board meeting


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Katie Osburn - WTAP Student Athlete of the Week
 Click the link below to see this interview
 It Takes Personal Drive and Team Effort!
Tori Sydenstricker, Hailey Barnes, Karley Bell, Aiden Hasley, Tyler Sydenstricker, Malcolm Striblin, Trinity Daugherty, Sarah Larimer, and Natalie Miller went to the Washington County Career Center. They collaborated with the Graphic Design & Video Production program and produced a commercial. The production consisted of a digital composition using a green screen, voice over and jingle recordings, and both video and audio editing. The commercial was recorded in less than 2 ½ hours with a total of 36 hours in post-production. Evan Law, a junior in the Graphic Design and Video Production program, was the main editor and truly enjoyed working on this project. The commercial was used as part of The Ohio State University Export Competition in which the Belpre team won first place.
Click on the link below to see the commercial produced by our Belpre teens in the Personal and Professional Development class along with the Graphic Design and Video Production class at the Career Center.
Belpre High School News
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Belpre Grad Reams MVP honors
  Picture and article by Ron Johnston and the Parkersburg News and Sentinel 
Two of our seniors receive OSU Land Grant Scholarship
  Photo and article by Michael Erb of the Parkersburg News
Reams and Spencer with high point honors
Photo and article by Steve Hemmelgarn of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel 

Belpre Softball tops Waterford for sectional title
   Photo and article by Steve Hemmelgarn of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel
Young Entrepreneur
     Danielle owns and operates her own business.  Ask her what she does and where she plans to take it!
2018 Science Fair
Discover Engineering
                                                                                                                                    Picture and article by Michael Kelly of the Mariett Times   Read more for the entire story 
Miller "Teen of the Week"
Article and photo by Michael Erb, Parkersburg News and Sentinel 
Student Government Day 2018
 Kaitlin Richards, Nicole Berg and Trinity Daugherty in the front.
Back row:  Elizabeth Cockerham, Katie Foster, Tristen Lockhart, Briah Kerns, Abbee Kapple, Malcolm Striblin and Gabby Blaschke. (Photo and article by Wayne Towner and Parkersburg News)
Student Readiness Collaborative (SRC)
Students and adults involved in the SRC mentoring program at Belpre High School attended a luncheon this past Friday, February 23rd. Fourteen community members and thirteen BHS juniors and seniors spent time getting to know one another over lunch at Napoli's Pizza in Belpre.  The adults shared information about their careers while the students discussed their post-secondary and career aspirations.  It was a great experience for everyone!!
Rawlin Barber and Ryleigh Hannah, high school art students, Exhibit at the
Ohio School Boards Association Conference in Columbus.  
Congratulations to Katie Osburn and Bailey Sprague - Wendy's High School Heisman Award Winners!
Check Out The Standings - Where Does Your Class Rank?
The PBIS has created class marquees to represent each class at Belpre High School. As the classes compete quarterly in activities such as;  Clash of the Classes events, grades, attendance, Powderpuff Football, Powderbuff volleyball, canned food drive, etc.,  they will be awarded points and their place will be indicated below.
Seniors Walk the Halls of Belpre Elementary
Seniors walk the hall of Belpre Elementary remembering their past and now looking to their future.


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BHS Students Visit WVU-Parkersburg
On Nov. 15th, students from the BHS Personal and Professional Development class took a tour of the WVU-Parkersburg campus.  They learned about the degree programs offered, discussed financial aid options, and even got a sneak peek at the crime scene investigation lab which will be completed next semester! 
Malcolm Striblin, Aiden Hasley, Tyler Sydentricker, Tori Sydenstricker,
Katie Larimer, Karley Bell, Hailey Barnes, Hailey Roberts, and Mrs. Edgar
Student of the Month
Congratulations to our students of the month!

The 56th Annual Band-O-Rama was held Saturday, September 30th at Don Drumm Stadium in Marietta. Belpre High School Golden Eagles performed "A Tribute to Journey". Belpre High School has a band to be proud of! 


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Mission Statement:
Belpre High School is committed to the belief that every individual is unique and is entitled to the fullest possible development of his or her abilities and talents.
The mission of BHS is to equip students with the knowledge and resources necessary to guide them toward becoming life-long learners and productive, responsible members in our diverse, global society.
Consequently, appropriate educational goals for students will be established and quality educational opportunities will be provided for each learner.
Partnerships will continue among the school, the home, and the community, with each segment understanding and accepting its responsibilities in relation to the mission.

Touring our website begins the process of becoming a part of Belpre High School.  We welcome you to visit our campus and continue the experience.  For additional information or questions please contact:

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