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Sierra Signs 
Sierra Barker signs to play basketball at Ohio Valley University.  Pictured are her mother Heather Ray, Sierra, and Coach Chris Murray.  Top left: Jay Ray, Stephanie Evans, and Tony Dunn. Congrats Sierra!!

2015 Prom at Blennerhassett Island
2014-2015 Science Fair Winners

9th and 10th Grade Investigation

1st Place – Aleksi Hendershot and Sara Vance; 2nd Place – Kelley Hannigan; 3rd Place - Kaitlyn Leach and Elizabeth Spindler; 4th Place – JR Pierce; 5th Place – Christiana Cantrell and Kaylie Wittekind; 6th Place – Hannah Deems and Emily Worstell; 7th Place – Evan Buttermore; Honorable Mention – Kendall Knopp; Honorable Mention – Trinidy King and Makayla Zimmerman

11th and 12th Grade Investigation

1st Place – Luke Chauncey and Sam Toncray; 2nd Place – Sam Petty and Jackie Cunningham; 3rd Place – Ceianna Bennett and Katarina Greathouse; 4th Place – Sarah Cleland; 5th Place – Ethan Williams and Tik Wong; Honorable Mention – Austin Barnhart and Samantha Lowers; Honorable Mention – Cole Maze and Sarah Watkins; Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Adams and Alana Delancey; Honorable Mention - Hannah Cooper and Katelyn Wright; Honorable Mention - Lucas Leite; Honorable Mention – Shane Whealdon and Eric Worstell; Honorable Mention – Zach Miller and Cray Sistrunk; Honorable Mention – Zach Pribble and Cranston Johnston

“McClinton Chevrolet Student Athlete of the Week" 

 Students from Belpre High School are honored as "McClinton Chevrolet's Student Athlete of the Week" this school year!  Way to Go, Katarina Greathouse, Sam Petty, Zach Pribble and Kyle Windland. These students excel in academics as well as sports.
Kyle Windland participates in track and cross country.  He carries a 3.7 grade point average and is a member of Student Council, Creative Writing Club, Spanish Club and National Honors Society. Kyle plans to study Aerospace Engineering but has not decided where he will attend college at this time. 
Zach Pribble  - Zach plays soccer and basketball.  He was captain of the soccer team in 12th grade and TVC Soccer Honorable Mention in the 11th Grade.  Zach carries a 3.8 GPA and is a member of the AERO club. 
Sam Petty is a four sport athelete. Sam represents the Belpre Golden Eagles in golf, soccer, basketball and track. Sam is Vice President of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and is ranked among the top ten in his class. 

Katarina Greathouse is captain of the Belpre Golden Eagle Cheerleading Squad and runs track.  Katarina is also involved in Student Government, an officer in the local chapter of the National Honor Society, and carries a 4.0 GPA. 

Log on to WTAP at to view the write ups and a short video on each of our athletes.


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