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Please remember the family of Sharon Null who passed away 8/26/2015. Sharon served as a cook for Belpre City Schools from 1973 until she retired in 1999. Thank you for 26 years of service.

Belpre Elementary School
Belpre Elementary School opens their doors for the school day at 7:40 a.m. for students. If you bring your child to school, please do not bring them before 7:40 a.m. Breakfast is free to all students but not before 7:40 a.m. Please call 740-423-3010 with any questions.

Important information for parents of Belpre Elementary students who ride buses #2, #3, #9, and #15

 Bus transportation home at the end of the school day will be slightly different than last year for some Belpre Elementary students. Buses #2, #3, #9, and #15 will drop all or some of their elementary students at their homes BEFORE going to the high school to pick up high school students. Buses will then deliver high school students to their homes. Buses will leave Belpre Elementary at 2:35 p.m., a difference of approximately 30 minutes earlier than last school year. The changes will reduce overcrowding and shorten the amount of time on the bus for most students who ride these buses. If there is a supervision issue that requires Belpre Elementary students to arrive home at the same time as a sibling who is a Belpre High School student, those elementary students may remain on the bus and ride to the high school for delivery home with that high school sibling. This will need to be communicated in writing to the school and bus driver. Below is a brief description of the afternoon bus routes. It is vitally important that you read and understand the bus schedule for the afternoon ride home. If you have any questions, please call Belpre Elementary, 740-423-3010, or the District Office, 740-423-9511, for more specific information.

Buses #2, #9, and #15 will drop ALL elementary students at home BEFORE going to the high school to get high school students. This will cause a significant change in the time of delivery for the elementary students as opposed to last school year.

Bus #3 will drop approximately half of the elementary students at home before proceeding to the high school to load high school students. This will cause a significant change in the time of delivery for some of the elementary students, but not all. It is vitally important that you read and understand the bus schedule to know when your child will be delivered home from school. 


Did you know?

You can enroll your child now for the 2015-2016 school year.

Central Registration for new students is located in the Stone Administrative/Early Learning Center @ 2014 Rockland Ave. Office hours for student registration are 7:30a.m. Until 3:00 p.m. Please be prepared with: A certified birth certificate (no duplicates accepted), proof of residence (gas, electric, water bill, or rental agreement), proof of custody (divorce agreement and parenting plan), and immunization record (if your child is entering kindergarten).

Jan Dils Golden Apple Award
Anita Winter received the Jan Dils Golden Apple Award this past May 2015.  Her love for children is what inspired her to become a teacher.  After 21 years of dedicated service to the children at Belpre City Schools, she is retiring.  Congratulations Anita and good luck in your plans for the future!

Distinguished Educator Award
Celebrate Teaching is a commitment of Battelle for Kids to celebrate, honor, and inspire great teaching. The Celebrate Teaching Distringuished Educator Award was given to Nicole Rodgers, 1st grade teacher. Mrs. Rodgers has been teaching children for the past 14 years. This award is given each year to a group of educators who have had a powerful impact on students, colleagues, and their community. We are happy to have you on our team Mrs. Rodgers!

Outstanding Educator Award
The Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award is named in honor of Dr. Franklin B. Walter, former superintendent of Ohio’s public instruction, who devoted over 50 years of service developing quality educational initiatives and programs, including the nation’s first statewide plan for children with disabilities. Jen Wells was nominated for this very special award and recognized for her nomination at a ceremony attended by fellow educators, family, and friends. Round of applause for Ms. Wells!

Pioneer Civitan Club Special Educator Award
Pioneer Civitan Club awarded Eileen Cieslewski with this most deserved award. The Pioneer Civitan is an all-volunteer service working in community clubs to help those with physical, neurological, and mental health challenges. Civitan clubs serve the local community, with emphasis on helping the developmentally disabled, youth leadership development and good citizenship. Congratulations Mrs. Cieslewski!

Congratulations on your new look McDonalds!
McDonalds thanks area patrons with donations.  McDonalds donated $500 to Belpre High School.  Belpre High School will use part of this money to plant a tree on the high school lawn and give back to the community.
ID R Kids

Ohio BMV ID-R-Kids program

Obtain an Ohio ID card for your child at any Ohio Deputy Registrar. Obtaining an ID card for our school age children from grades K-10 makes common sense for so many reasons.  Not only does it provide a photo for law enforcement in the event that a child is reported missing it will also assist in getting in touch with parents or guardians in an emergency.  It also permits parents or guardians to be notified if the child is hospitalized due to a serious health problem or injury.  Please visit for more information or call 614-752-7600.  

Belpre Alumni
Do you want to see what the Belpre Alumni Association is all about? Do you want to be involved in the good things they are doing? Look us up and see where you might fit in.

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