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Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

Hello Seniors and Parents! Please make sure you are checking with the colleges you're applying to for their individual financial aid deadlines and application due dates.
A good idea, recommended by a college admissions counselor, is to get all application materials sent to your colleges by Halloween! A scary deadline, but very do-able for seniors! Seniors should be asking their selected individuals (teachers, coaches, etc.) for letters of recommendation and gathering a list of all their activities done throughout high school. 
Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) starting October 1st.
Local scholarships are coordinated mostly in April and May. They will be posted as they are received. I will also email the applications to students on their Belpre HS email accounts!

Scholarships 2017-18

This page will be updated throughout the year. Check back often for the latest scholarship information.


November 1 is a common early decision deadline for applications. 

December 1st and February 1st  are common final decision, FAFSA, and institution scholarship deadlines. Please note that the FAFSA application opens October 1st! Visit for more!

May 1 is a common "I’m definitely attending your institution and here’s my deposit $ deadline."


Many schools have application fees. Here’s a link to an application for a fee waiver

To request a transcript to be sent to a school, please use Parchment

Common Post-Secondary Destinations with Estimated Due Dates and Websites---reminder must have school app completed and FAFSA filed before applying for financial aid at institutions; some institutions automatically consider you for scholarships if you have met their priority deadlines while others you have to separately apply; as always dialogue with your institution destination staff for all deadlines!!!

·         Hocking Tech---January for scholarships

·         KSU---December 1st

·         MC---February 15th

·         Miami of Ohio U---December 1st

·         Shawnee State---December 1st

·         UofRG---November 1st

·         OSU---February 1st

·         OU---January 15th

·         OVU---unknown

·         UofC---December 1st

·         WSCC---April 1st

·         WVUP---March 1st


Scholarship Name


Due Date

Posting Date

Special Instructions




Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
 Up to $40,000/yr TBD - Usually November   9/7/2017  Check website for application to open
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship
Varying awards up to $50,000 11/27/2017 9/7/2017

Red Cross Leadership Program


After May 2018 blood drive


Level 1:  3 donations = senior will receive a Red Cross honor cord for graduation; Level 2:  3 donations and 8 hours volunteer service = Cord and chance to win a scholarship; Level 3:  3 donations, 8 hours volunteer service, and 5 blood donor referrals = Cord, chance to win a scholarship and a recommendation letter from the American Red Cross; register @

 Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Dependent on funds availableMay 15, 2018 9/7/2017
 Various TBD 9/20/2016 Read options carefully!
 Ohio Valley University Varies  9/7/2017
 1. Apply online
2. Submit 2 online reference forms
3. Submit ACT/SAT scores
4. Send transcripts
 AXA Achievement Scholarships Varies12/15/2017 9/7/2017 
Washington State Community College Scholarships
 Varies by scholarship March 15th, 2018 9/7/2017 See link for more details
ACT College & Career Champion Scholarship
$500Dec. 31st, 201710/2/2017 See link for requirements Varies by Scholarship Varies    10/4/2017 Visit website; wide variety of scholarships available on website!
 Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Scholarships Varies    March 1st, 2018 10/5/2017 Can begin scholarship application December 1st, 2017. Many available!
 BACDF Marietta College/WVUP Scholarship $2000/yr MC, $500/yr WVUP November 14th at noon updated 11/6 For students who are planning on going to either MC or WVUP, interviews on Nov 17th
 Groth Law Scholarship $1000 onceJuly 31st, 2018 11/6/2017  Visit website for details
 Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship $1000January 13th, 201811/13/2017  Visit website, application is on the left-hand side
 Engineers Foundation of Ohio Scholarship Various  January 16th, 2018 1/10/2018
 J Bryan & Norma R McCann  Varies April 25th, 2018 1/10/2018 Make sure you mail it in on time!
Marietta Soccer League $1500March 16th, 2018 1/25/2018  
 William D. Squires Scholarship $4000, renewable April 5th, 20181/25/2018  Applications are accepted starting February 15th!
Ohio-Michigan Assocation of Career Colleges LEAD scholarship  VariesApril 6th, 2018  1/25/2018 
 Marietta Community Foundation VariesMarch 16th, 2018, 4 PM  1/25/2018 Applications must be received by 3/16/18 at 4 PM to the addresss specified; tons of scholarships so read for all that apply!!!
 KNR Don't Text & Drive Scholarship    
 Belpre Area Scholarship (Rotary, BACDF, Women's Club, Lion's Club, Masonic Lodge) VariesApril 23rd, noon  Updated 3/22 with Women's Club 3 Letters of Rec needed! See Mrs. Miller if you need help filling it out.
 Marietta Civitan Club $1000 April 12th3/22  
 Washington County Farm Bureau VariesMarch 31st 3/22  Online only application
Belpre HS Alumni Association Varies April 23rd 4/15 Click here to see additional scholarship requirements
 Alpha Delta Kappa education scholarship $1000 April 2nd, 1st period to Mrs. Miller 3/13 For female students interested in education
 Ohio Valley Desk & Derrick Club $500April 30th 3/21/2018  
 Washington Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarship $250July 31st 3/21/2018  
 Emily Spencer Scholarship VariesApril 14th 3/15/2018  
 AASS Redefining Ready! National Scholarship $5000April 2nd 3/9/2018  Video scholarship competition 
Kraton Polymers Scholarship  2 $1000  May 7th4/16 One scholarship will be awarded to a student attending a 4 year school and one will be awarded to a student attending a 2 year or vocational school.