Director of Special Education - Jason Haught

Director of Special Education - Jason HaughtHistory:
Jason graduated from Marshall University in 2007 with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology. Currently he is enrolled in the doctoral program at Ohio University working towards an Educational Administration degree. Jason has been employed by Belpre City Schools since 2008. Prior to coming to Belpre, he was employed in Perry County, Ohio.

Main Responsibilities:

Jason is currently serving the Belpre City School District as the Director for Special Education. He also participates as a member of the Intervention Assistance Team to identify and implement interventions to address academic and/or social/ emotional needs. Also he conducts psycho educational evaluations to assess the cognitive, academic, social, and adaptive behavior characteristics of individuals as well as the environmental factors that impact learning and adjustment. Responsibilities also include consulting with school personnel, parents, and community mental health providers to assist in meeting the mental health needs of students.. Further, he assists in ensuring appropriate implementation of specialized services for students with special needs.

Contact Info:
Jason Haught
(740) 423-9511 ext. 303

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McKinney-Vento Liaison - Michael Seebaugh



Michael has a R.BA from West Virginia University and a Master of Arts in Education from Marietta College. Mr. Seebaugh worked with the WV court system and multiple WV law enforcement agencies while serving as a CPS/YS social worker in the Wirt/Calhoun/Gilmer district from 2003 to 2015. He has been employed by Belpre City Schools since August, 2015.

Main Responsibilities:

Mr. Seebaugh works under the direct supervision of the Special Education Director and School Psychologist to perform academic test administration. He also uses the PEAK online learning platform to provide academic coaching and support services for off-campus and Eagle Academy students. As the LEA-designated McKinney-Vento Liaison, Mr. Seebaugh acts as the primary support and advocate for homeless students. He coordinates McKinney-Vento identification services, provides resource referrals and information, and serves as the direct contact between families and school.

Mike Seebaugh


(740) 423-9511

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Speech Pathologist - Kim Hale


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Main Responsibilities:
Primary responsibilities are to provide speech and language evaluation and treatment of students in the Belpre school system in grades K-12.

Contact Info:
Kim Hale

(740) 423-3010


Main Responsibilities:

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