Hello! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to hold an in-person College Credit Plus (CCP) meeting this year. Please check out the link below for instructions on participating in the required CCP information session via EdPuzzle video. Watching it is a mandatory piece of being allowed to participate in CCP in 2021-2022. I will also have a video session from Washington State available so you can learn more about their specific requirements for admission to the CCP program.

REQUIRED CCP SESSION VIDEO : Will open to an EdPuzzle open class. If you are accessing on a mobile device, you may be asked to download the free EdPuzzle app. Enter the open class code "woknolo" when prompted and you will be able to view the video. The video is about 27 minutes long (about as long as the traditional in-person presentation), so plan accordingly! Please enter your student's name in the "nickname" option prior to viewing so they can get credit for attending. If you have two or more students in your household who will participate, list all of their names. Each student will need their own Letter of Intent, however!

Also included in the EdPuzzle class assignment list is a 4 minute video from Washington State. Please watch it for an overview of CCP through WSCC!

Virtual Letter of Intent - Must watch video first in addition to completing the Letter of Intent!