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A 2020 COVID 19 Summer Update:

As we look back over the events of the past four months, it would be difficult to understate the remarkable changes that have occurred in all of our lives!  Most of us have had to reassess our priorities and find ways to shape our daily activities accordingly. It is worthy of note that several of our Belpre High School students chose to use this time to position themselves for future success! The conditions presented by COVID 19 precluded our ability to offer summer school instruction at Belpre High School this year. Consequently, the BCS School Psychology Department fielded a number of requests from students and parents for assistance throughout the summer. In response, a weekly schedule of one-hour tutorials using the PEAK learning system was developed to accommodate their needs. This resulted in multiple, important class completions for several of our Belpre High School students, particularly upperclassmen! Congratulations to all those students who reached out for assistance and completed classes during the summer months; what a great use of time in the midst of so much uncertainty! Well done! [Special thanks as well to Mrs. Jen Miller, Belpre High School guidance counselor, for her assistance in providing much-needed course schematics and updating grades!]