Leader In Me

It is an exciting time for students at Belpre Elementary School!  The Leader In Me framework is being introduced, practiced, and encouraged at every grade level.  Weekly time slots of 20 minutes are dedicated to the introduction of positive habits and ways to be a better person, a better student, and a better leader for what is right. So far, two habits have been introduced to children:

  • Be Proactive: “I am in charge of me.”  Students are realizing that each one has a ‘circle of control’ and a ‘circle of no control’. We can control our own behaviors, but cannot control the behaviors of others.

  • Begin With the End in Mond: “Have a plan.”  Students are realizing that having a plan to reach their goals is wildly important.

The Leader In Me time is led by Mrs. Miller, who taught third grade before taking on this new challenge.  Students participate by listening to stories, singing songs, and practicing these positive habits.  The goal is for our dear young people to develop leadership skills that will grow stronger as they grow older.