students pose

Belpre City Schools is pleased to announce the development of our new Mentoring Program, The PrePair Squad! This program involves twelve high performing high school students who have been hand selected by administration to help mentor some of our elementary school students. Ms. Knuchel, our school social worker, has taken point on this project with help from our psychology assistant, Mr. Seebaugh. The mentors will focus on helping the students obtain some skills much needed in the transition from elementary school to middle school and beyond. These skills include but are not limited to, communication, impulse control, coping and social skills. The mentors will aid the students in mastering these skills by playing therapeutic board games, running around on the playground, decorating parts of the school and working on school projects together. 

To date we have completed four excitement filled visits. Our high school students have gone above and beyond to make the program fun and we have already noticed some relationships forming! We have high hopes that this program will be effective and beneficial for all of the students involved. We believe it is an excellent way to not only help the younger students transition to higher grade levels but also our older students transition into adulthood.