Due to inclement weather, Belpre City Schools will be closed Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
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All athletic events scheduled for this evening (1/17/22) are canceled.
about 7 hours ago, Haley Bonar
The time has come for our students to start scheduling classes for next year! This is an exciting yet stressful time. It means that students will be advancing into their next year of school, putting them even closer to the finish line! However, it can also be hard to pick the right classes and make sure everything is submitted on time. Belpre staff knows how stressful this can be for our students, especially for our Juniors who will be entering their SENIOR YEAR of high school! We want to make it as painless as possible for everybody involved by releasing clear instructions and dates for upcoming events!. Thanks to our wonderful tech guy, Mr. Morris, starting on January 18th students will be able to view the course handbook on the Belpre website or from a link on their Chromebook. This provides the parents and students with easy access to available courses and their descriptions. Schedule requests will be handed out to all students by the end of January. Current Juniors will be scheduled first. All current juniors will need to have turned in their signed schedule requests to Mrs. Miller’s office on or before February 28th. Scheduling meetings will occur prior to that date. Once Mrs. Miller has finished meeting with the juniors, she will start scheduling all current 8th, 9th and 10th graders. All students will have to have their signed schedule requests turned in on or before March 31st. Scheduling meetings will happen prior to this date. Students potentially interested in College Credit Plus courses for the next year will need to have watched the CCP video and completed the letter of intent. That will be posted online and emailed to all students by February 15th and will remain open through April 1st. Once all schedules have been created, all high school students will be able to view their schedules for next year in Infinite Campus. We plan to have them up and ready to view by June 3rd. We will be posting reminders on the website throughout the next few months. Mr. Greenley will also be providing some reminder all-calls. We encourage students and parents to take their time in this process, and reach out if they need any help. Let's finish this year out strong while setting our students up for success next year!
3 days ago, Samantha Knuchel
Belpre High School January Students of the Month--Congratulations to Sadie DeMent and Matt Deems! Sadie DeMent is the daughter of Rod and Lora DeMent. She is a varsity cheerleader and a volunteer with junior high cheer. She is the vice president of the National Honor Society, the treasurer for the B.H.S. Student Council and co-leader of the Spirit Committee. Sadie is an honor student who is a member of the Number One Club and A.E.R.O. Her future plans include attending Ohio University or the University of Alabama. Matthew Deems is the son of Robert and Julie Deems. He is a member of the B.H.S. Varsity Golf, Basketball, and Baseball teams and is an outstanding athlete. He is an honor student, a member of the Number One Club, and a part of A.E.R.O. Matthew is currently enrolled as a part-time College Credit Plus student. His future plans include attending Washington State to obtain an Associates degree and then transfer to a four-year college to finish his education. Congratulations, January Students of the Month.
4 days ago, Erica Wright
January Students of the Month- Sadie DeMent, Matt Deems
In August 2021, a Literacy Adoption Committee was formed and led by Director of Teaching and Learning, Ally Trew and comprised of a diverse group of K-12 teachers of literacy. The District Literacy Adoption Committee has met monthly since August. Research shows that providing teachers with high-quality instructional materials to support their teaching helps increase student learning. When teachers have great instructional materials, they can focus their time, energy , and creativity on meeting the diverse needs of students and helping each of them all learn and grow. In collaboration with other districts around the state, Ohio Department of Education's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement, as well as the body of scientifically-based research that provides us with the information we need to gain a deeper understanding of how we learn to read, what skills are learned, how they work together, and which parts of the brain are responsible for reading development- the team was ale to create a vision for adoption and implementation. The District Literacy Adoption Committee will make a recommendation to the Belpre Board of Education next month.
5 days ago, Ally Trew
Literacy Adoption Committee Update
Tonight’s boys basketball game vs. Caldwell has been canceled. It is rescheduled for 1/31/22.
6 days ago, Haley Bonar
Belpre Elementary students created a large beautiful "Thank You" card for our school board while learning a little bit about what the board does for them and their school. The school board members volunteer hundreds of hours and an immeasurable amount of energy to ensure that our schools are providing the best education possible for the children of our community. For all are their dedication, we are taking this opportunity to show them our appreciation during School Board Recognition Month.
6 days ago, Pam Hammond
Thank you to BOE members
Thank yous
Thank yous
This week in athletics! Monday 1/10/22- BHS Girls Basketball SENIOR NIGHT vs. Frontier (home), BJHS Girls Basketball vs. Frontier (home- BHS), BJHS Boys Basketball vs. Warren (home) Belpre student admission sponsor: Byrider Tuesday 1/11/22-BHS Boys Basketball/BHS Cheer vs. Caldwell (away), BHS Girls Basketball vs. Trimble (away) Wednesday 1/12/22- No events Thursday 1/13/22- BHS Girls Basketball/BJHS Girls Basketball vs. Eastern (home), BJHS Boys Basketball vs. Eastern (away) Friday 1/14/22- BHS Boys Basketball/ BHS Cheer vs. South Gallia (away) Saturday 1/15/22- No events
8 days ago, Haley Bonar
The Belpre City School District Board of Education will hold its organizational and regular January board meetings on Monday, January 10, 2022, at the Stone Administration Building/Early Learning Center. The organizational meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. immediately followed by the regular meeting. This meeting is a meeting of the Belpre City School District Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. There is a time for public participation during the regular meeting as indicated in the agenda. The public is invited to attend this meeting and all meetings held by the Belpre City Schools Board of Education.
10 days ago, Pam Hammond
Board members silhouette
Athletic events will go on as scheduled tonight. Please be careful coming to the gym!
10 days ago, Haley Bonar
Due to inclement weather, Belpre City Schools will be closed Friday, January 7, 2022.
11 days ago, Belpre City Schools
All athletic events scheduled for this evening are canceled! Stay safe!
11 days ago, Haley Bonar
This week in athletics! Monday 1/3/22- BHS Girls Basketball vs. Federal Hocking (home), BJHS Boys Basketball/BJHS Cheer vs. Federal Hocking (away) Tuesday 1/4/22-BHS Boys Basketball/BHS Cheer vs. Eastern Wednesday 1/5/22- No events Thursday 1/6/22- BHS Girls Basketball/BJHS Girls Basketball vs. Trimble (away), BJHS Boys Basketball vs. Trimble (home) Friday 1/7/22- BHS Boys Basketball/ BHS Cheer vs. Waterford (home) Belpre Student Admission Sponsor: Terry Mullen in honor of Margaret Weaver and Maxine Mullen (BHS grads and band members) Saturday 1/8/22- BHS Boys Basketball vs. Fort Frye (home) Belpre Student Admission Sponsor: In Step Select and KT (Kevin Mayle)
15 days ago, Haley Bonar
January is School Board Recognition Month! The students of Belpre City Schools benefit every day from the leadership and vision of our school board. January is School Board Recognition Month, so take time to thank these dedicated school leaders.
15 days ago, Pam Hammond
Many hands celebrating
Jan Dils Student Athlete of the Week - Halee Williams! https://www.wtap.com/2021/12/29/student-athlete-week-halee-williams/
19 days ago, Pam Hammond
Thanks to the Belpre High School Athletic Boosters all Belpre students k-12 get into BOTH basketball games today for FREE! The girls will start at 2:00 and the boys will be at 6:00. Come show your support to these athletes and help us honor our teachers on Teacher Recognition Day!
20 days ago, Haley Bonar
This week in athletics! Monday 12/27/21-BJHS Girls Basketball (8th only) vs. Jackson (away) Tuesday 12/28/21- BHS Boys Basketball/BHS Girls Basketball vs. South Webster (home). Student admission sponsored by the BHS Athletic Boosters. BJHS Girls Basketball vs. New Martinsville (away) *Teacher Recognition Day* Wednesday 12/29/21- No events Thursday 12/30/21- BJHS Girls Basketball (7th only) vs. Triadelphia (away), BJHS Boys Basketball (8th only) vs. Edison Friday 12/31/21- No events Saturday 1/1/22- No events
22 days ago, Haley Bonar
Don't mind the noise--it's just the middle grades battling it out in the first annual REINDEER GAMES! Our 6th graders traveled to the Lawton gym for a morning of Christmas competitions and some *very* loud cheering. The points were close, but in the end 8th grade class came out the winners! They will celebrate with a pizza party when they return from break. Way to go, Belpre Middle Schoolers and teachers!
27 days ago, Erica Wright
Sixth grader Lexie Gruber tries to eat a cookie without her hands in the "Cookies for Santa" competition.
Grab a partner and wrap gifts with only one hand each in the "Epic Wrap Battle" game!
The cup stacking event was very competitive!
Catch as many stuffed animals as you can in the Toy Touchdown game!
Last night we celebrated the retirement of Tim Snider and Mitch Freels, who for a combined 55 years of service, walked the halls of our schools in our district every day making sure our students had a safe space where they could learn and grow. Thank you and enjoy your retirement!
27 days ago, Pam Hammond
Recognition of retiring custodians
As we say goodbye to Mr. Leonard Wiggins, we value him as a caring parent as well as a strong supporter of Belpre City Schools. We have appreciated and are grateful for his insight, ideas, dedication and advocacy for Belpre City Schools during his eleven years on the board.
27 days ago, Pam Hammond
 Recognition of outgoing board member